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Collectables is what started it all

What started as a hobby has turned into a wonderful business we really enjoy. 
Dice Lady's Deals is a family owned and operated business located in a great little
town Carseland, Alberta.

At any time contact us with the item you are looking for and the budget you
would like to spend, we may be able to find that treasure for you.  Our yard has
many stored items on top of what we carry in the store and we may have what you

We have a passion for all things collectable and appreciation for antiques.   When
customers are looking for one of kind hard to find items or collectables we get
really excited because it feels just like treasure hunting rather than work. 

Like many other treasure hunters, sometimes it is not the dollar value of the item
we are looking for but rather the sentimental attachment and memories.  Finding
these treasures for customers who appreciate the full potential of an item is very

Our store is not only filled with gently used to highly collectable items, with in all
these items there are hidden stories and memories of the products and their
owners.  We hear many stories of how a customer relates to something unique with
in our store and the different versions from so many people gives us a deep
appreciation for these items. 

Adding concession style snack and goodies to our store has also made it easier to
spend all day on location.  What a great way to spend the day coming up with
interesting ways to make poutine, treasure hunting, playing with our cool toys &
checking out new items to sell or discover online or in our storage of fun stuff.

We hope you will come down to our store to enjoy our food, share your stories
and treasure hunt with us.

Thank you for checking out our website, if you would like to make any suggestions
contact us, we love feedback.
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